Ghanchi is a Hindu sub caste found in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India. These are people who run kirana stores, and also press and sell oil and sell grain (and tea) from shops. The word Modi itself means an individual who owns and runs the neighbourhood kirana store, and it has the same meaning as the name Gandhi. The Sahu, Teli and Ganiga are related castes found in North India

Modh communities comprise people who use the name and originate from Modhera in Gujarat, India.

Narendra Modi belongs to the Modh-Ghanchi sub caste a member of the oil pressing caste Modi is thus a Teli Baniya , a member of the oil pressing ,trading caste

Prahlad Modi, the younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today asked his community members to prefix “Modi” to their names.
“After coming here I am only hearing one thing, Narendra Modi is pride of India and of his community. But why we, the members of Teli Samaj (oil-makers’ community) are not ready to prefix Modi to our names,” Prahlad said here at an all-India meet of young men and women of the ‘Sahu’ community. Leaders of his community, for their selfish use names of sub-castes such as Sahu, Chauhan, Parmar, Rathod and Jaiswal, he said.
Goddess Karma Devi was a Teli and “we are her children and we are Teli and Modis,” he added PM Narendra Modi’s brother exhorts Teli community to adopt ‘Modi’ prefix

The Jewish community of Maharashtra (called Bene Israel) was also known to be a sub-group in the Teli caste called Shanivar Teli meaning Saturday oil pressers for their Jewish custom of abstention from work on Shabbat. Maharastra and Gujarat states adjoin each other Gujarat being to the north of Maharashtra

Bene Israeli

Shaniwar teli (“Saturday oil pressers”), also practiced circumcision, recited the Shema on ceremonial occasions, celebrated several major festivals, and observed Jewish dietary laws.

The profession of oil pressing was so associated with the Bene Israeli Jews that they were referred to (interchangeably )as as Teli , Teli Lok , Israel Teli and Shaniwar Teli The nineteenth century English Marathi dictionary contains one definition of Jew ….. Shaniwar Teli On the Word of a Jew: Religion, Reliability, and the Dynamics of Trust pg 257

That Modi comes from a jat (subcaste) intimately associated with oil pressing and selling is undisputed Such caste is called Teli in Gujarat If such a term was used interchangeably for Bene Israeli Shaniwar Telis ie Jews less then 100 years before Modi’s birth whats to say anything gas changed ? After all the Shaniwar Telis have been around for centuries in India

Narendra Modi the Teli looks quite similar to Shaniwar TeliS

Since many wont beleive that the second man is an Indian (Bene Israeli Shaniwar Teli) Jew named Rabbi Samuel Ben Solomn (Divekar) from Jerusalem/Mumbai I am going to attach a video of him speaking in fluent Marathi

Modi’s rise to the top post has been paved with many a lucky break That he (and Amit Shah) were chosen for bigger things quite early in his life then Modi lets on, is clear from this tweet by Subroto Roy Indian economist, formerly an economic policy advisor to Rajiv Gandhi (1990–91), contributing editor to The Statesman and faculty member at UH-Manoa and IIT Kharagpur. (in short a member of the Indian elite ) In 1984 Modi was a virtually unknown 34 year old not too educated syaamsevak and Amit Shah just 20

The School of Advanced International Studies where Modi and Shah attended the Deen Dayal Upadhyay lecture is part of Johns Hopkins University which is closely linked to the Rockefeller Foundation

What were a 34 yr old Modi and a Amit Shah in his 20s doing in a Rockefeller Foundation linked Unniversity ? Who had selected them to attend this lecture and tour America?

Later on Modi was taken twice to America by the US State Department under their International Visitor Leadership program in 1993 and 1999 when he held no political post His first political stint in any form as Gujarat CM was in 2001 While many are taken to the US under the IVLP program almost all hold some political post of some kind or are related to powerful political figures .Modi was neither

Another lucky break came Modis way in 2006 with the strange death of Vajpayee and Adavanis successor Pramod Mahajan supposedly murdered by his brother Pravin Pravin died

Pravin Mahajan dies, leaves behind unanswered questions Even in his latest interview after he was released on furlough from Nashik prison Pravin maintained that “I did not kill Pramod”. Pravin was just 50 when he died of a brain hemorrhage ATS chief Hemant Karkare’s wife Kavita Karkare who had questioned the official version of her husbands death also died of a brain haemorrhage

Pramod Mahajans influential secretary Bibek Moitra (who was rumored to be gay) died a month after his bosses death supposedly of cocaine overdose “He was a great networker and had the capacity of handling any job given to him. He developed close contacts with the Israeli government and often visited the country. He used to read a lot and write in the Organiser (RSS mouthpiece) on international affairs from time to time,” said a source.

Had Pramod Mahajan lived it was he who would have been the BJPs Prime Ministerial candidate If Moitra knew anything about his bosses death that information died with him

Modii’s PR campaign which propelled him from a state level to the national stage was managed by APCO APCO has close ties to the Israeli internal spy agency Shin Beth

Is Modi just another poor tea seller who rose to the top on sheer hard work and luck? Or is he another of the magical Jewish Golems that have dotted World history??


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