One of the main bodies linked to the SARS-CoV-2 is the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board which was conveyed by Director-General of the World Health Organization and the President, World Bank Group

The report A world at risk: annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies submitted by September 2019 was authored by the  GPMB Secretariat, , under the direction of Alex Ross with writer Nellie Bristol and significant contributions from Amelie Rioux, Tore Godal and Benedikte Alveberg (co-Chair support teams), from Toomas Palu, Sam Loewenberg, Carolyn Reynolds and Victoria Birungi

Alex Ross was the former Director, WHO Centro for Health Development, Kobe, Japan in October 2011,and before that the Director of the World Health Organization’s Programme for Partnerships and UN Reform Nellie Bristol is a Senior Associate Global Health Policy Center which is part of The Center for Strategic and International Studies the Pritzker family funded NWO Think Tank

The Background papers are authored by Anthrologica & the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Independent Oversight Advisory Committee (IOAC) for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme; Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security; University of Oxford & Chatham House; Wellcome Trust; the World Bank Group; and, the World Health Organization.

Here’s a fragment of GPMB report on SEPT 2019

THE pandemic began in December 2019 How very prescient of the GPMB How could the authors of the report have such clear cut vision about what was to come two months later?

Circumstantial proof this is a Chatham house psyop ???

The GPMB Secretariat is funded by  the Government of Germany, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and Resolve to Save Lives which is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and housed in New York City.

The  15-member  Board  is  made  up  of  political  leaders,  heads  of  agencies,  and  experts,  led  jointly  by  Dr  Gro  Harlem  Brundtland,  and  Mr  Elhadj  As Sy,

Among other board members are Dr Chris Elias Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Jeremy Farrar Director, Wellcome Trust, UK and Dr Dr Anthony S. Fauci Director NIFAD the face of Covid on American TV

.Notice the image of the virus Its exactly like the media would start to project the covid virus 6 months in the future

The “founders” of the RIIA (Chatham house ) were, one and all, Rothschild men; honorary chairman of the GFR was Elihu Root, lawyer for Morgan and Kuhn, Loeb Co.; Alexander Hemphill, a Morgan banker, and Otto Kahn of Kuhn, Loeb Co.

The founders of the RIIA (Chatham house)  were Rothschild’s principal South African agents; Sir Otto Beit, trustee of Rhodes Estate and director of British South Africa Co.; Percy Alport Molteno, son of the first Premier of Cape Colony; Sir Abe Bailey, owner of the Transvaal Mines, who worked closely with Sir Alfred Milner in starting the Boer War; John W. Wheeler-Bennett, who became Gen. Eisenhower’spolitical adviser at SHAEF London 1944-45; Sir Julien Cahn; and Lionel Curtis,colonial secretary of the Transvaal,

During its early years, RIIA (Chatham House)  was principally funded by the Rothschilds through donations funnelled through Sir Abe Bailey and Sir Alfred Beit, with about5100,000-year; since then, it has been funded with many millions of dollars by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation

Wellcome Trust was established in 1936 with legacies from the pharmaceutical magnate Sir Henry Wellcome to fund research to improve human and animal health. It had a financial endowment of £25.9 billion in 2018,[4] making it the fourth wealthiest charitable foundation in the world. Henry Welcome lead an unusual life to say the least At 47 he married a 26 year old Jewess  named Gwendoline Maud Syrie Barnardo, .They divorced immediately after marriage with Henry accusing his wife of sleeping around  They had one child, Henry Mounteney Wellcome, born 1903, who seems to have been mentally stunted as a result of which Henry Welcome created a trust of 10000 pounds for his son in his 1936 will and the rest ( then in millions now in billions) were left to the trust

When Lincoln Steffens became a Wall Street reporter, he interviewed both J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller on several occasions. He soon realized that these gentlemen, powerful though they were, were mere front men. He noted that “No one ever seems to ask the question ‘who is behind the Morgans and the Rockefellers ?’” No one else ever asked the question, nor did anyone answer it ! Steffens knew the money for their operations was coming from someone else, but never managed to trace it.

Creepy Bill  Gates like Sir Henry Welcome is another front for the New world order He is currently the main face of the Covid Psyop Useful idiots and NWO shills are shrieking their silly heads out about Gates as if Gates is a principal planner and instigator of anything

Bill Gates is not a principal Bill Gates is an agent of the New World  Order

 Gates maternal great grandfather James Willard Maxwell (1864–1951), was a director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco .

Gates mother Mary Maxwell Gates, the first woman to chair the national United Way’s executive committee United Way was founded  in 1887 by the Jewess Frances Wisebart Jacobs, as an attempt at coordinating  services between Jewish and Christian charities She was also the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington’s board of directors .

Bill Neukom  principal legal counsel for Microsoft for almost 25 years. s a member of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Council on International Policy an affiliate of the Council of Foreign Relations  

Gates daddy William Gates Snr was another well connected lawyer and is also on the board of the Jew controlled Planned Parenthood


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