Robert Maxwell (born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) torn 1923 was born into a poor Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jewish family in the small town of Slatinské Doly (now Solotvyno, Ukraine) in the easternmost province of pre-World War II Czechoslovaki

Robert Maxwell 1989.jpg

When the German army entered his part of Czechoslovaki/Ukraine Binyamin Hoch escaped to France. After the fall of France Hoch joined the British Army as a volunteer and earned a battlefield commission as lieutenant. His talent for languages then led him into intelligence work.

After the war for the next two years he served in occupied Germany with the British Foreign Office as head of the press section in war-ravaged Berlin. There he would make business contacts that led to the purchase of his first company, a publisher of scientific journals and textbooks that he bought from its German and British owners and renamed Pergamon Press. He later expanded and purchased the Sun becoming an over hyped British media lord

In 1945, Binyamin Hoch (or whatever he was calling himself then) married Elisabeth Meynard making her Mrs Elisabeth Binyamin Hoch which is probably still her legal name unless she officially changed it like her husband

He became a British citizen only in 1946

He officially changed his name from Binyamin Hoch to Rober Maxwell in 1948

Mr and Mrs Hoch had nine children Two died in childhood. Their daughter Karine died of leukaemia at the age of three; Michael, their eldest son, died in 1967 after six years in a coma following a car accident when he was 15

In the book Maxwell tIsrael’s Super Spy p. 37 Gordon Thomas wrote that Maxwell arranged for notoyious jewish gangster Semion Mogilevich to enter the Western financial world in 1988 Mogilevich needed a passport to use the Bank of New York to launder his money Maxwell helped him get Israeli passports

Robert Maxwell (back row, centre) pictured with his wife Betty (sat with youngest daughter Ghislaine on her knee) and seven of their eight children at home in Headington Hill Hall, Oxford. When this photo was taken Ian (5) was 11 years old and attending preparatory school, while Isabel, then 17 (4) was at grammar school with their sister Christine (3), and youngest son Kevin, 8, (6) was at preparatory school. Second oldest son Philip, (1), had entered his second undergraduate yer at Balliol College, Oxford, while Anne (2) was also studying at the university, but at St Hugh's College.

Robert Maxwell (back row, centre) with wife Betty (Ghislaine on her knee) and seven of their eight children. Philip, (1) Anne (2) Christine (3)Isabel, (4) Ian (5), Kevin,  (6 )



Christine Maxwell – Creative Disturbance

Christine founded one of the first internet search engine Magellan which was acquired by competing search engine Excite, in 1996 . She went on to co-found Chiliad:.Maxwell is a former Trustee of the Internet Society and The Santa Fe Institute. Chillad is a data mining company .In 2004.the FBI established a Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) is a searchable database . According to the FBI’s website, as of August 22, 2007, the database contained 700 million records from 53 databases and was accessible by 13,000 individuals around the world Much of the nature and scope of the database is classified. The system, designed by Chiliad Inc. of Amherst, Mass., can be programmed to send alerts to agents on new information, Grigg said. Names, Social Security numbers and driver’s license details can be linked and cross-matched across hundreds of millions of records. all it requires is a software backdoor for all this juicy fee info to flow to Israel Christine’s father and sister were/are known Mossad assets Do the math


Isabel: Twice divorced

Her mother stated that while all of her children were brought up Anglican, Isabel was “very taken by the Jewish faith and the politics in Israel.”Was the co-founder of Magellan. Maxwell is a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum, and the President emerita of Commtouch now Cyren. The company estimates that its security cloud currently processes more than 25 billion security transactions generated by over 1.3 billion users[ in 180 countries to detect cyber threats as they emerge25 billion security transactions by 1.2 billion users in 180 countries is a goldmine for any spy agency

She was a Director of Israel Venture Network and built up their Social Entrepreneur program in Israel from 2004-2010. Maxwell was also Senior Adviser to Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus‘ not-for-profit microfinance organization Grameen America. She also worked with . Michael Aris, the late husband of Aung San Suu Kyi, who served as adviser and writer in the 1982 PBS documentary, Bhutan – A Strange Survival.She was married twice. Her first husband was U.S. film-maker Dale Djerassi, (son of Carl Djerassi inventor of the first oral contraceptive pill) with whom she has a son, and then she wed Magellan co-founder David Hayden Isabel became became involved with Al Seckel from 2007 until his death in France in 2015.Shekel n 2009 Seckel was involved in organizing a science conference with Jeffrey Epstein. The Mindshift conference took place in early 2011 on Epstein’s private island Little Saint James

Mean while the third generation of Hocks/Maxwell’s have entered the family business with Isabel’s son Alexander Djerassi joining Carnegie institute as an associate and being sent to Tunisia for some more regime change


Arrest every conspirator: The FBI and federal prosecutors build a ...

Handled a Mossad underage honeypot operation with Epstein


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