More than 750 plaintiffs are suing the Johns Hopkins Hospital System Corp. over its role in a series of medical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and 1950s during which subjects were deliberately infected with venereal diseases without their consent.

The lawsuit in Baltimore seeks $1 billion in damages for individuals, spouses and children of people infected with syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases through a U.S. government program between 1945 and 1956.

The suit claims officials at Johns Hopkins had “substantial influence” over the studies by controlling some panels that advised the federal government on how to spend research dollars.

The suit also alleges that Hopkins and the Rockefeller Foundation, which is also named as a defendant, “did not limit their involvement to design, planning, funding and authorization of the Experiments; instead, they exercised control over, supervised, supported, encouraged, participated in and directed the course of the Experiments.”

The suit, which includes 774 plaintiffs, says the experiments were conducted abroad in order to give “researchers the opportunity to test additional methods of infecting humans with venereal disease easily hidden from public scrutiny.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, researchers initially infected Guatemalan sex workers with gonorrhea or syphilis, then allowed them to have sex with soldiers and prison inmates with the aim of spreading the disease.

The suit says that orphans, children and mental patients were also deliberately infected without their consent, and that treatment was withheld from some subjects.

Revelations of these experiments came to light in 2010. President Barack Obama apologized for the research, as did then-secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton and then-secretary of health and human services Kathleen Sebelius.

“The people involved were icons at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Rockefeller foundation,” said Paul Bekman, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “They knew about it, they were architects of it, they planned it, they sought funding for it, they kept it under the radar. Hopkins provided syphilitic rabbits that were used to inject individuals with syphilis.”

Prostitutes were infected with venereal disease and then provided for sex to subjects for intentional transmission of the disease; subjects were inoculated by injection of syphilis spirochetes into the spinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord, under the skin, and on mucous membranes; an emulsion containing syphilis or gonorrhea was spread under the foreskin of the penis in male subjects; the penis of male subjects was scraped or scarified and then coated with the emulsion containing syphilis or gonorrhea; a woman from the psychiatric hospital was injected with syphilis, developed skin lesions and wasting, and then had gonorrheal pus from a male subject injected into both of her eyes.  Many of the Guatemalans developed venereal disease.  Most were never treated.

Researchers subjected the Guatemalans to repeated blood draws, lumbar punctures and cisternal punctures of the suboccipital portion of the brain, gynecological examinations, touching and penetration of sexual organs, and forced or coerced sexual contact.  

In a written statement, Hopkins called the experiments “deplorable.”

But Robert Mathias, the lead counsel for Johns Hopkins in the case, called the lawsuit “baseless.”“It was not a Johns Hopkins study. Johns Hopkins did not initiate, pay for or direct this study. It was a federal government study,” Mathias said.

Source Rockefeller, Johns Hopkins Behind Horrific Human Syphilis Experiments, Allege Guatemalan Victims In Lawsuit

Johns Hopkins sued over STD study in Guatemala

The Rockefeller Foundation and Johns Hopkins have been at the foefront of the Covid19 psyop

They are everywhere especially Johns Hopkins (which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation)

Most of main stream media sources carry “covid case” and “covid death” rates put up by the Johs Hopkins website

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitledhploms.png

The Rockefeller Foundations 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development has a four scenario report which included the “Lockstep” scenario in the event of a pandemic happening which are eerily similar to covid19 responses

The “icons at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Rockefeller foundation,” who have shrieking for mandatory flu and now covid vaccination are the same (or rather the ideological descendants) of the perverts who so cruelly infected the Guatemalans


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